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Michael Leander

Michael Leander Company
Europe, Middle East & APAC
Having experienced marketing, sales and management in many different cultures and in many different industries, I am passionate about ...

- sharing knowledge (my own mostly)
- helping businesses enable and sustain growth
- better understand how to simplify complex marketing processes
- help businesses implement high performing marketing programs
- eradicate buzz words and convert the "B.S. People" from talkers to achievers

I am also passionate about taking part in the DMAI Convention for the 3rd time. Shelly Singh and Vatsal Asher have exhausted themselves preparing the brightest DMAI ever.

Looking forward to meet you in the flesh at the DMAI 2014 Convention.

PS: If you had only one method for deciding which would be the best channel for reaching, engaging and converting a customer to buy from you, what would it be?